This is What Mariina Looks Like:


March 9, 1872Edit

I am the Princess of Greenland.

My name is Mariina. Princess Mariina. I have long black hair and green eyes. Today is my birthday. I am turning 15. I got you today.

We had a splendid time at my party. I think my mother and father spoil me. We had whale cake, my favorite. We eat whale a lot here. I do love it in cake, but otherwise, I get tired of whale. Whale every day for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Whale whale whale! Even the name makes me feel like I'm going to vomit!

I got many presents. My mother gave you to me. I vow to tell the truth in these words, so no one must see you. I would not want them to see my personal thoughts. I have my own entertainer, yet I don't need him much. I send him to town to entertain the children. I find nothing much funny.

My father worries about me. He tells me to have more fun. Yet I would rather study or read. I don't go outside much. I love to look outside though. I don't go outside for my parents forbid it ever since my sister got kidnapped as a baby.

I dream of running through the grass down to the river and beyond the horizion. I do not need entertainment. I need freedom. Maybe if I had freedom, I could laugh more and enjoy entertainment. But mother and father forbid being free.

I feel trapped inside. Someday, when I am queen. I shall run outside. I shall run miles, and nothing can stop me. I will then feel freedom.

March 10, 1872Edit

I have many dogs. Yet none of them are put to use, because I cannot go sledding with them. The thaw won't start till July. How I wish I could go sledding...


I am feeling mad! My urge to go sledding kept on growing, till I dressed myself in a cloak that I never use, and ran out to grab a sled.

But of course my mother HAD to be looking out the window. She knew it was me, because nobody had entered, and who else would be running after a sled, with my dogs behind them?

I got punished. No whale cake for a month. I think it is cruel and unworthy! So I will not give up...maybe a better disguse next time. Maybe I shall pretend to be my servant, Aka. I shall go out and round up the dogs. Then I shall grab the sled, and grab a bucket of soap and a rag. I will look like I am polishing the sled and feeding the dogs. Then I will hitch them up in the back where there are NO windows, and I shall go as far as I can. I've learned all the sledding commands. I will be a famous sledder!

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